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The Selecta range of mounts offers a fully indexed stamp mount system, which is a cosThe mount, index plate and index papert effective and modern alternative to the wooden base. The mounts are supplied in three parts (the mount, clear index plate and index paper, cut to the exact size for stamping the impression of your stamp) for quick and easy assembly with no need for cutting, sanding, drilling and gluing.

Rubber Stamp MountsThe Selecta Mount offers the largest available range of sizes from 15x15mm to 110x70mm, with 63 sizes in total. They can be supplied with or without a foam cushion and also with double foam if required. The addition of a foam adhesive ensures an even pressure can be applied when using the stamps and so offers the best quality for your finished products

Selecta MountRubber StampsRubber Stamp

The Selecta Mounts are available in these sizes:

15x15mm 45x20mm 55x55mm 75x20mm 90x45mm 35mm Diameter
20x20mm 45x25mm 62x10mm 75x25mm 90x55mm 40mm Diameter
22x10mm 45x30mm 62x15mm 75x30mm 90x70mm 45mm Diameter
25x25mm 45x35mm 65x20mm 75x35mm 102x10mm
32x10mm 45x45mm 65x25mm 75x45mm 102x15mm
32x15mm 52x10mm 65x30mm 75x55mm 105x20mm
35x20mm 52x15mm 65x35mm 87x10mm 105x25mm
35x25mm 55x20mm 65x45mm 87x15mm 105x30mm
35x30mm 55x25mm 65x55mm 90x20mm 105x35mm
35x35mm 55x30mm 70x70mm 90x25mm 105x45mm
42x10mm 55x35mm 72x10mm 90x30mm 105x55mm
42x15mm 55x45mm 72x15mm 90x35mm 110x70mm

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